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“A professionally built backyard pond or water garden adds maintenance free beauty and relaxation to your backyard”

Water feature Mini Photo Gallery

If you are not exactly sure if you want a Koi pond, a water feature, fountains, or an elegant water garden, we have complied this mini picture gallery for you. For the full gallery of backyard pond and aquascape creations, please visit our backyard pond design gallery.


Poseidon Swimming Pools is a full service swimming pool contractor. We are able to manage everything related to backyard beautification including planning, installing, and maintaining backyard ponds, Koi ponds, and water gardens . Alongside our pool experience, we have more than 12 years experience with water gardens and koi ponds. We believe backyard ponds, koi ponds, and water gardens can be an amazing compliment to the new look and feel of your backyard.


It takes a special talent to design and install backyard ponds. It takes knowledge of landscaping as well as horticultural and aquatic life knowledge. Poseidon Swimming Pools employs certified landscape architects and landscape engineers that understand the principles of water gardening including plant choice and proper layout. Water gardens are a functional part of any landscape as they are beautiful and relaxing. Your new Poseidon backyard pond will reduce stress as well as raise the property value of your home.


We understand how to create backyard ponds for them to integrate with their surrounding environment to make a natural setting. When your backyard pond is built by our experts, it will be very low maintenance. We know the balance between fish, plants, size space to make your new pond very easy to maintain. The only thing you need to do is enjoy your new pond.


In addition to building backyard ponds, we also clean and repair them. A well designed pond requires little maintenance, however, for those backyard ponds not installed by Poseidon Swimming Pools, they may need yearly cleanings. Most of our cleanings involve removing your fish & keeping them safe, removing your plants, draining the water, removing any muck or slime, cleaning all of the filters, replacing the water, and re-acclimating your fish and plants to their newer, cleaner environment. In addition to these yearly cleanings, we also perform weekly / monthly services where we skim debris from your pond, clean the filters, fertilize your plants, and check the quality of your water.


Even with the finest built ponds, problems can occur. Poseidon Swimming Pool experts are able to find any leakage and determine the best repair method based on the severity of the leak. Leaks like this can happen because of any reason including ground settling, debris, and erosion. When they do happen, Poseidon Swimming Pools can help you fixing your backyard pond. In addition to leak repairs, we can also add new waterfalls, upgrade your pond equipment, redo your stonework, enlarge your pond, and replace your plumbing.


We are backyard pond experts and offer total service for your koi pond or water garden.