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“We spend as much time on our pool deck as we do in our pool. That’s why we chose Poseidon Swimming Pools to install a beautiful deck around our inground pool.”

Poseidon Pools understand that when building an inground swimming pool, or remodeling one, swimming pool decks are one of the most important aspects of the design. We know that your deck is a very functional part of your swimming pool experience. But if done properly, a swimming pool deck can be stylish, attractive, and unique. Swimming pool decks are always the perfect accent to your pool. A wooden, concrete, stone, or paver deck around your pool can change the look of your pool. It also can act as well as a way to direct water away from other surfaces. A pool deck can add to the luxury and beauty of your inground pool.

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At Poseidon, we make sure that our swimming pool decks are functional as well as attractive. Most importantly, we also make sure that they are safe. It is only natural for pool decks to get wet. An incorrectly constructed deck can turn slippery and dangerous. We make sure the grade is angled so that puddles never become a dangerous problem. We want to make sure that your pool deck is a safe one. We treat each swimming pool deck so that it not slippery. In addition to safety, we know that swimming pool decks can get hot, so we take extra care to keep your deck cool during the hot summer months by appropriately landscaping the area around your deck.

Each state, county and city has safety requirements regarding the pool deck area. At Poseidon, we make it our business to make sure that each and every swimming pool deck is built to not only the standards of the local and state governments, but also our strict quality and safety standards. When you get a deck built by Poseidon, know that it is built with comfort, quality, beauty and safety in mind.

Gallery of Swimming Pool Decks

Stamped Concrete Deck
Tubmled Paver Decking
Raised Wood Deck
Stone Patio with Stairs
Stone Wall Inside Pool
Natural Looking Stone Paver Pool Deck
Herringbone Deck Pattern
Freeform Paver Design
Tubmled Paver Design
Country Style Hot Tub
Country Style Hot Tub
Country Style Hot Tub
Country Style Hot Tub
Stone Paver and Coping
Stone Deck with Stone Walls
Paver Deck with Concrete Coping
Tubmled Concrete Deck
Stone Concrete Deck with Pavers
Classic Hot Tub Deck
Stone Paver Pool Decking