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“Inground swimming pool materials and surfaces can wear and crack with time. It is a necessity for swimming pool owners to have a reliable swimming pool repair company to call if they suspect a leak.”

Many people have grown attached to their existing pool structure. Any inground swimming pool, even if professionally cared for, can need a repair from time to time. Swimming pool equipment breaks, surfaces crack, lighting can short out. Anything can happen to equipment and surfaces that are constantly exposed to harsh outdoor elements. Every swimming pool owner needs a reliable and affordable swimming pool repair contractor to turn to when they need emergency or routine leak detection service. You can trust the experience and reputation of Poseidon Pools for swimming pool repair. Through experience, we are trained to detect and repair swimming pool leaks.

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Poseidon not only builds custom inground swimming pools and custom spas from scratch, we also remodel and repair swimming pools. One of the most tell tale signs that your swimming pool may need repair is by observing the water level. Your pool will naturally lose some water to evaporation, some to splash out and some to backwash wastewater. You may also gain water from rainfall. This is a natural process. When a pool owner is routinely adding more than two inches of water to your swimming pool per week, there may have a leak. Poseidon will repair and fix your leaks quickly. Our trained swimming pool contractors will find the source of the leak and permanently seal it.

Swimming Pools are meant to be watertight but sealants will deteriorate while other parts of your pool shift and settle or just plain wear out. Swimming pool repair is needed when this happens. Water can leak through any of the fittings or accessories, plumbing, or even right through the shell. It is important to repair leaks, not only to save water, heat, and chemicals, but also to prevent undermining pool structural components and washing away fill dirt. Leaks could be range from a minor problem to a major job. This is why Poseidon offers regular seasonal maintenance packages to make sure your inground swimming pool is functioning properly.

Leak detection and swimming pool repair is a highly specialized branch of the industry. Poseidon specializes in repair and maintenance of your swimming pool. Ninety seven percent of all swimming pool repairs turn out to be inexpensive to repair. If you can’t take care of the problem yourself, Poseidon will be equipped to do so for you. Inground swimming pool repair can turn out to be a major investment if not taken care of promptly. If you suspect a leak, call Poseidon today to get your swimming pool repair answers and price quote from a reliable swimming pool repair contractor.