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“The right landscape design for your inground swimming pool is the final step to creating the perfect natural setting.”

Swimming pool landscape design is an art. When Poseidon Swimming Pools custom designs your inground swimming pool, we want each pool to look like a natural addition to your backyard. This look is achieved by properly landscaping your pool area (also called your poolscape). We will consult with you about your swimming pool landscape with questions like what do you envision, what types of colors do you like, are you looking for a natural setting poolscape or more of a tropical or exotic resort feel.

Do you want low maintenance plants or plants that will need tending to each year? Once we understand your needs, we can create a custom designed CAD blueprint for you. For the DIY homeowner, we can provide the blueprint which will include details on which plants to purchase, where to plant them, how many to plant, etc. If you would like us to provide the landscaping service in addition to the swimming pool landscape design plan , we can also accommodate. We provide the highest quality plants from greenhouses in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and are able to provide the most interesting indigenous plants to accent your area. Because of the area we live in, most tropical plant choices are not an option as they will need to be replanted each year.

Plants add beauty to your swimming pool, provide privacy, and help the inground pool blend into their environment more. Tall plants will provide privacy screens around your area while low growing greens and shrubs can provide a perfect blending choice. As a general rule, we like to avoid too many flowering trees and plants as they may attract an unwanted volume of outdoor insects.

Swimming pool landscape design is the final stage in the custom pool design process and it will create your backyard paradise. Our skills at incorporating things like landscape boulders, water features, indigenous plants, and variety to your backyard pool area makes Poseidon Swimming Pools one of the most sought after poolscape designers in the tri state area. Our designs, both container landscaping and full area landscaping, provide a peaceful setting for any backyard. We take great pride in the quality of swimming pool landscape design work we perform.

Inground Swimming Pool Landscape Design Services:

More About Us:

We believe in integrating landscape architecture and custom inground swimming pool design. When done in harmony with each other, beautiful landscape architecture and design around your pool can make your new inground swimming pool look as peaceful and natural as possible. No two custom pools or customers are the same and every swimming pool landscape design needs to be custom tailored to fit each.

We employ certified landscape architects and landscape engineers with experience in landscape architecture, swimming pool design, and extensive knowledge on soil conditions, growth zones, and what plants will grow where.

Levels of Landscape Design Service:

For some customers, we design, plan, and implement the designs we create. For the Do It Yourself customers, we create a detailed AutoCAD© design plan for you to follow. Many customers today want to save money and would rather go a DIY landscape architecture direction. Following are the steps we take with our customers

  • Consult with our Poseidon Swimming Pool design team on the final pool design which he homeowner or commercial builder has approved.
  • Survey your site and discuss what you want to achieve in your landscape architecture (i.e. shade, relaxation, tropical, etc.)
  • We generate a concept design on AutoCAD architecture software and include a plant palette, a list of required materials, plant care instructions, and the best places in your area to purchase the plants. More traditional plants can usually be purchased at Lowes© or Home Depot© and more exotic plants should be purchased at a specialty nursery on via bare root shipping from an online vendor. We can also provide the plants from our specialty greenhouses in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
  • We will then meet with you again to review the plans and discuss the concept package.

We are also able to coordinate your landscape lighting design and concept plan for any additional front or courtyard gardens. Even if you are not a customer of Poseidon Swimming Pools, we can still work with you to complete your dream landscape design more affordably then you ever thought possible.

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