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Keeping Swimming Pool Algae Tamed

Algae are a nuisance pest to every swimming pool. If you are a swimming pool owner, you are probably very familiar with algae. If you are new to pools or are considering swimming pool ownership, algae can range from a single celled organism to a multi-cellular plant without any true root, stem, or real plant structure. Algae grow in water swimming pool water and leave a slime residue on swimming pool walls. Algae is found in all types of swimming pools (in ground, vinyl, and fiberglass pools) but particularly swimming pools with rough pool wall surfaces for the algae to cling to such as plaster walls on an in ground concrete swimming pool. It is most prevalent in shallow ends of swimming pool because those areas are warmer and receive more light for the microorganism to use as food and fuel for growth.


Algae buildup is not the result of an abnormal contaminations or a chemical imbalance, it is a naturally occurring organism and is a nuisance phenomenon in all swimming pools. The best way to prevent and maintain algae buildup is to perform weekly cleanings, vacuuming, and filter changes. Also, make sure your chlorine and bromine levels are where they should be to inhibit single cell or multi-cellular microscopic plant growth (i.e. algae). However, even if you perform scheduled maintenance and your chemicals are in perfect balance, algae can still infest your swimming pool.


Algae grow as spores which can and will find their way into your swimming pool. They may be in the water you use to fill your pool, they may be carried into your swimming pool by your pool patrons, or they can also be carried into your pool through wind. There is not much that can be done to prevent algae from entering your swimming pool because of its microscopic stature.


Algae are a fact of life to pool owners and are quite a task to remove once it gets out of hand. Many forms of algae can be taken off with hard work and scrubbing, where other types of algae will constantly re-occur. These types should be treated with pool chemical algaecides. For specific treatment information for a tough infestation, we recommend you take a sample of your swimming pool water to your pool supply house where they can analyze your algae type and give you the best chemical treatment options for it. Since algae will always find its way into your swimming pool, the best way to treat it is to maintain your swimming pool through regular cleanings and maintenance.


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