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“Coping is a pool industry term used to identify the stone, concrete, plastic, or metal material used to cap the pool shell wall.”

Coping is the swimming pool industry name for the stone, concrete, or aluminum material used to cap the wall of the swimming pool shell. The coping options we have available are tile, natural stone (pavers, flagstones, tumbled stones, shaped bricks, etc.), poured concrete, and pre-cast concrete material (available in custom colors).

Our poured concrete coping options is usually a continuous unit stemming from the swimming pool decking. This coping style will not break the finish on the plant of the swimming pool deck by incorporating the coping right over the edge of the swimming pool. We recommend this method if you are installing a smaller inground swimming pool because the poured concrete coping tends to make pools appear bigger.

Pre cast concrete coping is our most popular choice of swimming pool coping. Within this category, we offer a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures to match any swimming pool or taste. Cost wise, this pre cast concrete coping is typically cheaper than poured concrete or natural stone both because of material cost and labor cost as pre cast concrete is typically easier to install.

Natural stone coping is regarded as the most beautiful and warm coping available. Materials for natural stone include limestone, fieldstone, granite, and pavers. This is the most beautiful and sturdy coping solution we offer.

These are the most popular colors we have available for concrete coping. Please speak to your sales representative for a complete palette of colors and materials.

Inground Swimming Pool Coping Style Options:

Bull nose Coping

Bullfrog Coping

Rock face Coping

Chamber Coping

Record Coping

Double Bull nose Coping

Bullard Coping

Braided Rope Coping

Flat Face Coping