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“Poseidon Swimming Pools specializes in inground swimming pool excavation and has been providing this pool excavation service for over 10 years in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, and Maryland.”

When we excavate the average swimming pool, we usually dig up anywhere between 80 to 100 cubic yards of soil. Depending on the access to your property and the size of the swimming pool excavation equipment we can fit into your yard, it can take anywhere from a half of a day to two days to complete. In fact, for some inground swimming pools our excavating equipment can make over 500 trips from the pool excavation site to our dumpster. Some of our customers request that the dirt be used on other parts of their yard. If this is the case, simply arrange how much dirt you need dumped and where and we will accommodate. Just be sure to tell our excavators before excavation.

We understand this area and have experienced all soil types from complicated rocky fills, limestone, and rock hard granite. We use special rock excavation equipment in these conditions like hydraulic hammers and rock rippers. We have experienced all conditions in this area and are expert swimming pool excavators in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and Delaware.

Inground Swimming Pool Excavation for PA, NJ, DE, NY, and MD.

Swimming Pool Excavation
Swimming Pool Excavation
Swimming Pool Excavation
Swimming Pool Excavation