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“Poseidon Swimming Pools offers many different types of swimming pool coping to choose from by various coping vendors”

We buy our swimming pool coping from many different high quality vendors, offering you the most design options. We want you to be happy with your swimming pool for the rest of your life, which is why we feel it is important to offer as many choices of swimming coping as we can. We offer our customers the latest and most fashionable designs of standard brick coping, tumbled stone coping, marble coping, limestone coping, granite coping, and slate coping. If you do not like stone or concrete coping, we also offer samples of pool coping done in tile. Whatever your needs, dreams, and price range is, we have a coping design to accommodate.

If you are not familiar with what swimming pool coping is, it is basically a cover to the edge of your swimming pool. The category of swimming pool coping can be divided into four main types of coping which are bull-nose, rough-cut, cantilever, and rolled edge.

More Swimming Pool Coping Information

Rough cut coping is made from rough stone and has a rough or textured edge. It is sometimes referred to as country, cobble, or tumble coping and is great for giving your swimming pool a classic casual look.

Bull nose coping can be made from any type of material including stone (granite, marble, slate), cast stone (poured concrete), brick, or steel. The main characteristic of the bull nose is its rounded edge. With the cast stone variety, thousands of different colors can be mixes in to achieve the perfect hue for your coping. This style is the standard in most pools.

Cantilever coping is desirable if you are trying to achieve a very modern look with your swimming pool. The main characteristic of the cantilever coping options is the classic “L” shape which makes the decking material seem larger and more pronounced than it actually is. This type of pool coping runs past the edge of the swimming pool then drops off to a 90 degree angle. This coping is more for custom swimming pools and building options include flagstones, pavers, bricks, cast concrete, etc.

Rolled edge coping can be made from stone (granite, marble, slate), cast stone (poured concrete), or brick. This style is characterized by its upturned edge which is great for inground pools whose primary purpose is exercise is it gives the swimmers something to grab hold of.