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“A custom made pool house or pool cabana is the perfect addition to an inground swimming pool”

Nothing says luxury quite like pool houses or pool cabanas. A pool house can be a just spot to towel off and change into a bathing suit, or it can be a luxury getaway adjacent to your inground pool. It is the spot where you can use the bathroom or take a nap away from the hot sun. Your pool house can also act as your poolside bar where you entertain friends and family. There are so many uses for a pool house that we could never list them all. It is the ultimate compliment to your swimming pool.

Whether it is a state of the art pool house, a pool cabana or just storage space for pool equipment, you can’t go wrong with a pool house designed and built by the swimming pool contractors at Poseidon Swimming Pools. Dive into Poseidon for the pool house you’ve been dreaming of. If you are building a new pool or have an existing pool, we can custom design the perfect pool house fit for your lifestyle and your budget. Our pool houses are designed from the ground up. There is a lot more to building a pool digging a hole in the ground and adding water. A custom designed swimming pool is all about luxury and necessary additions, including a luxurious pool house.

Adding a pool house to a swimming pool is as necessary as putting tires on a car. And, as much as your new pool cabana is a necessity, it truly sets you apart as an inground swimming pool owner. It’s about a serious commitment to an elegant, out-door lifestyle. And for children it is more than just elegance or lifestyle, it’s about having friends over and not getting into trouble with Mom over wet feet and messy rooms in the house. It’s about keeping your house a home, and giving your pool a pool house.

At Poseidon we are not only swimming pool contractors, we have a strong background in general contracting as well. Knowing that your pool and your pool house is built with care by professional contractors is the Poseidon piece of mind that so many of our satisfied customers experience. Enjoy a Poseidon Swimming Pool, Swimming Pool House or both. You’ll enjoy it for years.

Poseidon Pools Builds Dream Pool Houses

Pool House and Pool Cabana Design Gallery

Dual Story Pool Cabana
Old Style Pool Shed
Large Country Style Cabana
Classic Pool Structure
Renovated Inside of Pool House
Pool Cooking Area
Simple Pool Cabana and Changing Room
Southwest Style Pool House
Country Pool Cabana