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“Poseidon Swimming Pools specializes in swimming pool replastering, remodeling, and resurfacing.”

Plastering or replastering your swimming pool is one of the most common forms of swimming pool repair. This is not however a swimming pool repair that can be taken lightly or done by an unskilled technician. The plastering or replastering of the swimming pool is a highly specialized construction project. It requires very specific skills by a swimming pool contractor trained in such specific types of swimming pool repair. “Do not try this at home”, applies to most aspects of swimming pool repair but especially for plastering or replastering projects.

There are procedures that must be done to all pools prior to preparation for swimming pool replastering. One must first obtain permits that are necessary to partake in such a project. These permits vary from area to area, only a trained professional will be knowledgeable as to what, if any permits are needed. Then you must take all necessary action to turn off all power to pool equipment and other water features, lights and pool accessories. All water must be drained from the pool. This is not only to ensure that it is properly done, but also must meet the local applicable laws and regulations. You must also keep in mind that special care and attention should be taken in areas with high water tables and appropriate actions taken to prevent flotation of the pool shell. These are details that are often overlooked in swimming pool replastering. Swimming pool replastering is a very common type of swimming pool repair, but still specialized.

Inground Pool Replastering Refinishing Process

Be careful to select a plastering company that has years of experience in replastering swimming pools and other swimming pool repairs. An inexpensive inexperienced pool plasterer could be very costly for you. Poseidon Pools is fully insured for all of our operations. We participate in a property liability insurance program created especially to insure the swimming pool construction industry. It provides protection that is broader and more comprehensive than other coverage typically available to our trade. We also maintain workers’ compensation insurance to protect our employees. Poseidon protects ourselves, our customers and our pools with fully qualified, fully insured swimming pool repair specialists.

Swimming Pool Replastering & Resurfacing Options:

Plaster Pool Surface

Plaster is cement mixed with limestone or marble. It is the most common and least expensive swimming pool surface. Different colors can be applied. It is not the best swimming pool surface as it is susceptible to staining, bacteria growth, and will only last 5-10 years.

Pebble Pool Surface

Pebble inground swimming pool surfaces are compromised mostly of plaster with pebbles aggregate mixed in. This is the most stain resistant and durable surface and there are many different amazing colors and textures to choose from. These surfaces mimic the look and feel of a natural stream bed. The life expectancy of this finish is anywhere from 15-20 years.

Quartz Pool Surface

A quartz swimming pool surface is a plaster based surface with a quartz aggregate mixed in. The new quartz & plaster mixture is stain resistant, non-porous, and lasts longer than plaster alone. You can expect a pool finish life of 10-15 years with the addition of quartz.