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“Swimming pool water features are an important part of any swimming pool design. They can add drama and elegance to any swimming pool.”

A Poseidon Swimming Pool can be a simple as you need it to be or it your new pool can be packed with as many extra water features as you can imagine. You can turn your ordinary swimming pool into a lap pool for endless swimming. You can add slides or diving boards to enhance aquatic activity. Your Pool can be turned into a family fitness and fun center. And you can beautify your pool with swimming pool fountain, waterfall, or jet system by Poseidon Swimming Pools.

Swimming pool water features add a lovely display of cascading water to your pool. It is amazing what a cascading water feature can do for your inground swimming pool. It adds an elegance that is unparalleled in water features that are offered. Imagine a spray height that is adjustable from 7 to 20 feet. Imagine the beauty of a fountain, right in the middle of your backyard oasis. Imagine a cascading waterfall falling over natural looking rocks.

A swimming pool water feature is surprisingly affordable and will add classic beauty, making your Poseidon Swimming Pool experience all that it can be. And there are many options available to fit the unique needs of each custom pool we create. They can be built into the design of your new custom pool, or as an add on feature to your existing swimming pool.

A waterfall water feature can add beauty to your swimming pool. Imagine a clear arc of water falling into your swimming pool. You can adjust the flow of the falling water to suit your moods to range from a heavy glass like sheet to an almost silent stream of water. Our installed waterfalls can produce a rain like effect streaming into the swimming pool. All of these swimming pool water features can be positioned anywhere in the pool from just above the waterline to streaming from their own rock like formation.

An accent water feature adds instant drama and elegance to a swimming pool. Imagine the timeless class of water streaming from a bronze nautilus shell, Neptune, or an aged copper lions head.

Streaming water jets add excitement to any inground swimming pool. With this water feature, water arcs in the swimming pool and its height can be adjusted to your liking. For night swimming and elegance, we can add fiber optic lighting to any of our jet system installations.

Our swimming pool water features are only limited by your imagination. Anything you can envision, Poseidon Swimming Pools can create.

Popular Swimming Pool Water Feature Options

Pool Waterfall
Rainforest Waterfall
Arch Waterfall
Curtain Style Waterfall
Sheer Descent Waterfall
Swimming Pool Water Feature
Rain Waterfall with Lights
Light Bar Waterfall
Rock Waterfall
Laminar Fountain
Swimming Pool Deck Jets
Swimming Pool Deck Jets