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One of you main decisions will be deciding if you want a concrete swimming pool or vinyl liner pool. Concrete swimming pools have some advantages over vinyl pools. It’s not that vinyl pools aren’t a better choice in some situations. However, gunite pools do offer a few exclusive features.


Here are the Pros of why you might choose a gunite (concrete) pool:


1. Pool shapes can be easily customized. This means that you do not have to limit your choices to the standard shapes offered by pool companies. If you are working with a designer, he/she has free reign to be as creative as possible.


2. Steps are commonly placed on the interior of the pool. Visually, this allows the shape of the pool to flow, and not be broken by the steps on the exterior, intruding into the pool paving. Which also means that you gain pool decking space.


3. If you would like a waterfall incorporated into the pool and it is being placed at a higher elevation behind the pool, the back end of the pool can be built higher. This back wall, or bond beam wall, actually becomes a retaining wall on top of which the waterfall can be built. This creates a very integrated and beautiful look to your design, especially with plantings included.


4. Actual tile is used along the inside of the pool walls near the top, right under the pool coping. I can’t begin to tell you how many are available. Be sure to coordinate it with the color you choose for the pool interior and also with the pool paving material.


5. With concrete swimming pools, you can have a vanishing edge. Of course, your property must lend itself to this…but it is possible! Perched at a higher place with the land dropping off behind creates great drama.


The one main Con of a concrete pool is that it is more expensive. Estimate a savings of about $15,000 to $20,000 if you go with the less expensive vinyl liner pool. If budget is a large part of your decision making, do consider vinyl. The vinyl pools of today can look wonderful. They are very different than those of years past.


Some other things to think about:

  • * Where do you place the pool?
  • * Do you want it close to the house or further away? Placing it closer is convenient for access, while a pool further away creates another place to go to on your property. It is also less visible in the winter when the pool cover is on the pool.
  • * What shape should you go with? Do you want a more formal or naturalistic look?
  • * What pool paving material should you use? There are so many to select from, but try to choose one that is cool on your feet.
  • * What size would be appropriate? Pools can be very small or they can be huge. Most people choose one in between.
  • * Should I hire a landscape designer? A landscape designer will take your entire property and design into consideration.

I hope these points on concrete swimming pools have been helpful. You can read more about both types of pools, including more detail on their Pros and Cons, and general swimming pool information at my web site page below.


Swimming Pool Article Credits:


Article written by Susan Schlenger. Susan Schlenger is a Landscape Designer with a degree in Landscape Architecture. Please visit her website to learn more about swimming pools at Swimming Pool Types.