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“A custom spa is the perfect compliment to any Poseidon inground swimming pool.”

Your custom spa can be the focal point of your entire backyard. It can be a compliment to your custom swimming pool, or just a way to add on to an already finished area. There are many options. The direction you choose will depend on how and when you want to use the spa, the spas design, the type of custom spa, and of course, your budget.

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Poseidon Swimming Pools has designed, installed and maintained many custom spas. We have grown as a company over the years to specialize in custom spa design. We can create a custom spa that looks naturally connected to an inground swimming pool or we can create one in its own isolated area of your backyard. We’re the Philadelphia area leader with a impressive portfolio of spas designs and installations, in all categories, at all budget levels. That’s why the first step in the process is to speak to one of our spa consultants who can offer custom spa design ideas. If you are looking into having an inground swimming pool built by Poseidon, attaching a spa is a great idea. If you already have an inground pool and want to attach a spa, Poseidon can help.

Each custom spa we install is gas heated and conforms to our rigid design standards. We can add a multitude of spa jets, elegant fountains, color lighted accents, and streaming jets. With proper design, accessories, and the materials at our disposal, we can make your custom spa your own relaxation area or a romantic oasis. We can work with you to create the backyard living environment you want for the budget you have.