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“We have complied a list of books whose promary subject matter is swimming pools and spas. We have these books in our library and recommend them as great reading about the swimming pool and spa industry. If you have any suggestions books on the swimming pool genre, please email us at with “book request” as the subject.”

    • The Complete Pool Manual for Homeowners and Professionals: A Step-by-Step Maintenance Guide” By: Dan Hardy

      Description: If you are a pool owner, you have made a major investment and proper swimming pool maintenance is an absolute must! Keeping your pool clean and maintained should be a top priority since a clean pool is essential in many ways. First, no one wants to swim in, or look at, a dirty, green, or yellow pool. Keep in mind that although the pool may look clean, it may in fact be still contaminated with enough bacteria to cause sickness. If a pool is not maintained properly it can get very expensive to clean or fix at a later date. Dan Hardy has used every available resource in his 20-year career as a pool professional to add to his store of knowledge about making and keeping water safe. An untiring and dedicated “Pool Doctor,” he has become the “go to” man for owners of some of the world’s largest, most ornate, and expensive private swimming pools including that of award-winning actor Mr. John Travolta and his wife, Kelly Preston. Dan started working on pools as a boy in his dad’s firm. Not content with doing routine maintenance, he began learning all he could about chemicals, mechanics, and safety. In this book he may just be a lifesaver to pool owners who want to save money on maintenance but need to know how to handle poisons safely. Pool maintenance business owners will want to have this book on hand as an easy guide to repairing filtration and pumps and dealing with serious pool problems. And anyone who wishes to have such a career could have no better mentor than Dan Hardy.

    • The Ultimate Guide to Pool Maintenance, Third Edition” By: Terry Tamminen

      Description: The Ultimate Guide to Pool Maintenance provides complete guidance on all the maintenance and repair tasks required to keep pools and spas working at peak efficiency. This Third Edition now contains information on the latest technology and equipment, together with Quick Start Guides and difficulty ratings for each procedure. Filled with hundreds of detailed illustrations, this updated classic features a step-by-step explanation of each pool maintenance procedure with easy-to-follow photos, quick Start Guides to help readers start and finish each task quickly, tricks of the Trade to make each procedure easier, tools of the Trade highlighting parts and tools for each job, an Easy, Advanced, or Pro difficulty rating for every task, the following new material: new information on chlorine alternatives; a new section on maintaining saltwater pools; expanded coverage of pools with built-in spas.

  • Pools & Spas: Ideas for Planning, Designing, and Landscaping” By: Fran J. Donegan & David Short

    Description: Full of photographs of beautifully designed pools and spas set in various architectural environments, “Pools & Spas” is literally full of creative ideas if you are planning on adding a pool or spa to your home. However, the book does not stop with designs but also includes information on maintenance, various types of pool equipment, and even the process of installing an in ground pool. While the coverage of in ground pool installation is not detailed enough to do it yourself it does give you an idea of what is going on at the various stages so you know what to expect from your contractor. If you are even thinking of installing a pool or spa, whether in ground, above ground, or portable, you should pick up a copy of “Pools & Spas”. It includes a lot of factors that you might overlook when planning your pool and everything you need to know to take care of it correctly when it is finished.

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